Dating Asian Women – What You Need To Know for Success

March 18, 2017

So you are considering dating an Asian girl and have been wondering what is involved.

Online dating is a great way to make contact with ladies from all over the world, including Asian nations such as the Philippines, China, Japan and Indonesia.

Here are some important things to take into account before you take the plunge.

The challenge of a long distance relationship.

There is a good chance that your future partner is going to be located overseas in the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam (for example) and that your first meeting will be over there so be prepared to do some flying. Consider the cost of actually going to another country where conditions may not be as great and culturally very different. Also be aware of that your relationship may take longer to build simply because you both may be apart for extended periods of time. Long distance relationships do work but they require more effort to maintain.

Make sure you are prepared to follow through with your online conversations. “Yes I will visit you someday” is simply not going to be acceptable to any Asian girl – she will want to see some integrity here so make the effort and book that ticket. The number one ingredient for online dating success is actually going and meeting face to face. Don’t worry about the competition because the chances are they will never show up – you will have a distinct advantage over the other guys simply by getting there first.

I remember traveling to Jakarta in Indonesia to meet my future wife for the first time and experiencing a nation vastly different to my own in all ways. I also remember having a conversation with my wife just recently and her telling me about 20 other guys (Yes some were better looking or wealthier than me) who said they were going to visit but never made the effort to follow through and fly there to meet her. If I had just toyed with the idea but never went my story would have been very different.

Cultural differences.

An understanding of culture is an important aspect of dating an Asian girl. Be aware that there will be differences in several ways.

Asian girls tend to have very strong family ties and you will have to get along with the parents in order for everything to work. In Indonesia for example many girls stay with their parents until they are married. It’s important to understand the need for your future partner to have regular contact with family back home. Allow for this and the financial factor since it is not likely your future wife or her family is going to be in a high income bracket and she will be looking to you for financial help in this area for flights to and from her native home.

Some traditions may be a bit unusual so be prepared to go with the flow on that one.


It is most likely your date is going to need time to develop her English skills so be patient from the start. It is worth taking the time to explain things carefully and not jump to conclusions as what is obvious to you may not be so to her. Don’t be dismayed if she does not understand your great sense of humor either!

The food factor.

This may be obvious but typical Asian food is often spicier and hotter than what you may get in a typical Asian restaurant in a western country where the food is adjusted to suit the western taste. Your Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino or other Asian girl will probably want to continue eating her own regular food. My wife for example loves hot chillies (the hotter the better) and rice is a staple for her as well. We have had to make some adjustments (It’s a good thing I happen to like rice). Be prepared to spend a bit of time searching for non – western ingredients in the Asian shop and trying some products you may never have eaten before. Western food may not be an instant hit with your lady either!

In closing.

Dating an Asian girl is both challenging and rewarding. If you are prepared to step out of the comfort zone and into a different lifestyle along with the responsibilities that follow you can build a successful relationship that will last a lifetime.

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